T20 Extravaganza Brings You the Joy of Fantasy Cricket with Wonderful Prizes and Amazing Offers

Foortal.pk, the largest online food ordering service portal, brings the magic of Fantasy Cricket at your fingertips now. Merging together the never-ending delight of food and cricket, who else may offer you the opportunity to relish the best food while playing your favorite game? Here goes theFoortal’s Boom Boom T20 Extraveganza. The Foortal’s Boom Boom T20 Extravaganza is an online T20 Fantasy Cricket Game where you can create a virtual team of real cricket players and score points depending on how your selected players perform in real life matches during the T20 World Cup 2014, being held at Bangladesh from March 16 to April 6, 2014. You may name it as the Pakistan’s First Ever Online T20 Cricket Tournament too, but the prime objective is to celebrate the upcoming mega occasion of T20 Cricket World Cup 2014 altogether in a way that helps intensify the national cricket fever, and let all the Pakistani cricket lovers get engaged in the real game throughout the T20 World Cup right from the very start of T20 World Cup 2014 this month.

Besides a plenty of mouthwatering offers, Foortal’s Boom Boom T20 Extravaganza brings up the scores of lip-smacking prizes and immediate rewards, including the Bumper Prize wherein the lucky winner will get Shahid Khan Afridi’s ‘Handsigned Bat’ with ‘Rs.10000 worth ecash’, and a fun-filled  ‘Goodie Box’ to boot. 7 second-prize winners will be awarded with Shahid Khan Afridi’s ‘Handsigned Balls’, not to exclude the gigantic ‘Gift Boxes’ as well, and 500 winners will grab Shahid Khan Afridi’sDigitally-Autographed Posters’. And have you ever heard about the red carpet treatment? Well, the Foortal’s party is not over yet, as Top 50 Performersof this competition will also beinvited to have a floodlight dinner with Boom BoomAfridi all alone. You just need to confirm your place at the dining table. Is there anything left my friend?

Foortal’s Boom Boom T20 Extravaganza is going to start from Mar 16, 2014 (Sunday) to Apr 6, 2014 (Sunday) with total 35 matches to be played amongst the participating countries, including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, England, West Indies, South Africa, Afghanistan, and Zimbabwe and Ireland. Now the playing procedure is so simple as before starting of every match, you will predict the winning team and choose 3 favorite players from both teams for that particular match. Whatever score these players make in total, it will be added to the your total points, wherein you will, also, get additional 50 points if your predicted team manages to win the match, and this is exactly what you have to before every match.

Come on guys. Roll up your sleeves now, and just be the chief selector, and let us see how well your boys perform in the ground. And the best selection will lead you to the biggest fortune via Fooral.pk

Still thinking? Come on Buddy, as your time starts now…………..


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