K-Electric organizing Under-16 Lyari Football League

K-Electric has completed preparations for organizing the Under-16 Lyari football league from May 16th to 25th

KE would be holding this mega sports event in partnership with UNICEF, Pakistan Football Federation and the Anti-Narcotics Department.

KE’s motive to go in partnership with Unicef is that Unicef has been working for the youth of the world for many years, providing solutions for preventable diseases that affect the younger generation of the world, and such a Football League would empower the youth and help them learn about these preventable diseases. The Anti-Narcotics Department was also taken on board for this Football League because KE believes that the youngsters of Lyari should be protected and educated about the Narcotics and various drugs that are currently present there.

The tournament would provide a platform to the youth of Lyari to display their talent and keep away from negative activities that currently affects the youth of the country. Youngsters below the age of 16 would be allowed to participate in this league. A total of 12 teams would perform from the 11 UC’s in Lyari with one combined team from Lyari. 

Each team would consist of 18 players and two officials whereas there would be four groups with three teams per group. The top team from each group would go on to play the quarter final, the semi final and then the final. The tournament would be held at the People’s Stadium Lyari and would be open to all.

K-Electric is holding this tournament as per its century old tradition of patronizing sport in the City. This is in line with its vision that the best way to serve the society through sports is to inspire the youth to get hooked on to healthy sporting activities. KE sternly believes that creation of powerful platforms is critical as it allows young and upcoming players to display and harness their talents. It also provides a communication platform to engage the youth segment and build a strong positive association with them, while at the same time providing much needed inspiration, as well as a strong and healthy sports arena for the youth.


K-Electric believes that nurturing football among youth and providing a platform to children who are not enrolled formally in any program is the right way and KE believes in harnessing such talent at the grass root level. With this spirit KE has planned this tournament specially focusing on Lyari and its people.ImageE


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